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May 30th, 2012 | MTPR NEWS

Sally Mauk talks with democratic U.S. House candidate Franke Wilmer

Montana State University professor of international relations Franke Wilmer thinks her life experience as a single mom who had to work her way through college is a good credential for moving from the state legislature to the U.S. House. In this feature interview, the Bozeman democrat talks with News Director Sally Mauk about her pledge to restore the American dream if elected

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Campaign News

May 21st , 2012 | Montana

WIlmer's Campaign Continues to Gain Momentum with Endorsements

March 29th, 2012 |

Franke Wilmer is Worth Supporting

Glenn Greenwald recently wrote an article for that highlighted Franke Wilmer as one of three congressional candidates that are "genuinely exciting and viable, and thus very much worthy of attention and support." Click below to read the entire article on

March 26th, 2012 | Democracy For America

Democracy for America Endorses Franke

Today Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed Franke Wilmer. Wilmer has a strong progressive record in Montana as a state legislator for Montana’s 64th district.

"Franke is the kind of woman Montanan’s should send to Washington,” said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. “She’s always been a fighter for middle class Montanans and understands that we can’t dismantle programs that made this country great. Her candidacy will bring a true progressive to Washington representing the needs of her state.”

March 12th , 2012 | AFSCME

AFSCME Endorses Franke Wilmer

HELENA The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 9 and their 59 locals and 1,800 members in Montana along with AFSCME International that represents 1.6 million workers have endorsed Franke Wilmer for U.S. Congress.

February,  26th , 2012 | MSNBC

Wilmer Appears on Rev. Al Sharpton's Program

Montanas top judge, Richard Cebull has been criticized for sending a racist email about President Obama. Hes scheduled to return to the bench tomorrow. State Rep. Frankie Willmer and Joe Madison join Politics Nation to discuss. 



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